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26 Flamerule 1372 (Moon Phase: Waxing)

She sleeps beside me, caressing my skin like a cool, sweet breeze. What a lucky man am I! This princess, this angel, deigning to spend these precious moments in my arms...it boggles my mind to think of how I could possibly begin to deserve her. I will never forget the first time I saw her...

Calimport. 1369. It was summertime. Sun and Moon had recently arrived during their tour of the Sword Coast and Meree and I, both being sorcerers, decided to explore the Caravan Ward to look for some magical talismans to buy there. It was night but Selune's light was hidden from us and I was feeling a little melancholy when I heard the chants of priestesses as they entered the ward. Carrying candles that no wind could put out, they made their procession, two by two and my angel was the last in line in her row, but the first in loveliness. It was the first time I'd ever seen an air genasi - I thought she was perhaps an aasimar - and it was Meree who saved me from the later embarassment of asking if she was an angel by telling me what she was and saying something about being hit by a thunderbolt. I later wrote a song about it that became our first big hit.

I let her go on her way, though she paused to look in my direction before passing me by. I accompanied Meree to the marketplace in a dreamlike state. The air, filled with spices and the scent of hookah smoke only added to the feeling of intoxication I was experiencing. My only purchase at the bazaar was a lovely silver amulet set with a large, flawless white pearl that I still have yet to give her. That night, I dreamed of a blue angel peering through my window as I slept. The next day, Meree went alone to the temple of Shaundakul to recruit her and Ariadne, sensing a shift in the wind's direction, agreed to join Sun & Moon and undergo training as a Harper.

I was so nervous and shy that I didn't have the courage to speak to her for a full week, not until I approached her with a song I'd written for her lovely descant soprano voice in mind. Our relationship had remained purely businesslike for the three years since then until she came to me just this night, saying she sensed a change of direction in the wind.

May all the world stand still, if only just to prolong these moments of bliss.